Meditation is Key of Healing

sky-01-jpgI would love to share my personal story about a great importance of regular and appropriate meditation for healthy, happy and wealthy life.

I was very sick kid born at greatly polluted place in Europe. My parents, especially my father, were so desperate to find any help for me. They tried everything they could from the perspective of the mainstream medicine of forty years ago. Nothing worked. I was sick for two, three weeks of very month, year after year.

My father, who loved the mountains deeply, decided to go against doctors advices and he started to take me regularly for hikes. I couldn’t keep up, I was gasping for breath and struggling with the weakness of my body. My father carried me on his back most of the time. It was hard for both of us.

I truly believe that it was his love for me which didn’t let him to give up and guided him to find suitable adjustments of the hikes which led to my healing eventually.

We started to walk slowly focusing on my breathing and stopped regularly at what we named “base camps”. Our typical base camp was located on a meadow peppered with wild flowers, surrounded by a forest and you could hear a creek running close by. I was left there with our backpacks for hours with my father walking around and checking me out from time to time. I remember I just slept in the beginning.

Gradually I started to sleep less and contemplate more. I experienced many dreamlike moments, where I could feel muscle twitching, vertebra cracking and mouth watering. My body felt so energized and healthy afterwards. I was able to walk more and breathe better. Our hikes were longer and more difficult with less of base camps. And I was gradually getting sick less and less. Couple years after this “therapy” I was rarely ill, maybe twice per year.

I am so grateful for my father’s love which guided us all the way.

meditation-jpgNow I know (and modern research confirms what our ancestors knew) that the sounds of the nature: leaves swaying in the breeze, birds twittering in the trees, creek warbling around; were slowing down my brain waves enabling my body to reach deep relaxation stage and heal. My sleep triggered parasympathetic nervous system response “relax-and-rest-and-digest” which is crucial for every healing process. The simple and often forgotten true is that nobody can heal in “fight-or-flight-or-froze” response of sympathetic nervous system so typical for the modern life full of the stress.

And what about all muscle twitching, vertebra cracking and mouth watering? These are indications of the body’s healing processes. When the body adjust itself while you are in deeper relaxation stage, you are being aware of it. The body is talking to you. Another symptoms are: colons gurgling, belching, farting, crying, laughing, yelling, tingling and hot or cold sensations.

Let me go to next level with hopefully more transparent explanation of why the meditation is so important with the typical story of my clients: “Ingrid, I don’t know what is wrong. Why can’t I feel better? I do everything I can – I eat organic and balanced diet; I take supplements and herbs; I am at gym tree times per week; I see chiropractor, massage therapist and physiotherapist regularly; and I am still sick and painful. I am so upset and I think nothing works for me!”

I usually ask: “What is your level of stress? Do you have time to relax? How often are you in nature?” and I observe. Shallow and disjointed chest breathing, no spark in the eyes, greyish skin, stiff muscles, rigid posture and slightly twitching arms are common symptoms of chronic stress which I see. Typical answer is: “Oh, I don’t have time to relax or go to nature. And yes, I have a lot of job related stress. My relationships aren’t great right now. I have some troubles with kids at school.”

And here we are at the root of failure in healing process – STRESS. You have to learn how to manage your stress. You have to learn how to meditate to be able to heal, to be able to go from fight-or-flight-or-froze” to “relax-and-rest-and-digest”. It is crucial for you healthy and happy life. Mediation is the key healing technique you must add to whichever healing journey you decide to go.

horses-01-jpgAre you having chemo and radiation? Meditate during treatment.
Are you getting massage? Meditate together with therapist.
Are you afraid of chiro adjustment? Meditate before.

Are you ready to come for the healing session with meditation?
I can teach you how to mediate.
You can learn how to heal.
You can be healed and healthy.

I would be more than happy to meet you, treat you and teach you.

Thank you,
Dr. Ingrid Fikr