Inner Healing vs Outer

fire-01-jpgThe typical question of my clients goes like this: “Ingrid, I don’t know what is wrong. Why can’t I feel better? I do everything I can – I eat organic and balanced diet; I take supplements and herbs; I am at gym tree times per week; I see chiropractor, massage therapist and physiotherapist regularly; and I am still sick and painful. I am so upset and I think nothing works for me!”

And I usually ask: “What is your level of stress? Do you have time to relax? How often are you in nature?” A typical answer is: “Oh, I don’t have time to relax or go to nature. And yes, I have a lot of stress in my life. Like everyone.”

As you can see there is focus on “outer” healing by pushing yourself to do all good things in the stress causing you even more stress. When you eat organically but under stress, your body insufficiently digests food and you think that you have to take more supplements and herbs to fix the shortage of nutrients. Wrong. You take “you’ time to relax so your body can switch from STRESS mode of fight-or-flight-or-froze” to HEALING mode of “relax-and-rest-and-digest”.

And you come for healing session with a typical therapist (who focuses on your spine or muscles or meridians) to prolong ongoing distress by temporary relief. Yes, it is better to do it than not but it can’t bring you long-lasting improvement of your health so you don’t spend your time and money wisely. Why? It touches your outer layers only. You are temporally improving unless you learn how to relax or your therapist teach you how to breathe and meditate during the treatment. And when learn it you can use it in any situation – during your lunch time to improve digestion and absorption of your food; during any type of treatment like massage, chemotherapy, acupuncture or surgery and so on.

So I am untypical therapist and teacher offering inner healing sessions based on extraordinary teachings of the elemental principles of true and permanent healing.

I would be more than happy to meet you, treat you and teach you.

Thank you,
Dr. Ingrid Fikr