To truly improve and sustain HEALTH-HAPPINESS-HOLINESS one must learn how to get in a deep relaxation state where the body can activate its innate SELF-HEALING abilities. The reason, why mindful RELAXATION-BREATH-MEDITATION is so important in the process, is closely related to two main modes in which the human body works. The first mode, sympathetic nervous system response, gives rise to three main reactions on everyday life events: FIGHT-FLIGHT-FREEZE. They are behind all the STRESS–STRAIN–SICKNESS one goes through and struggle with. The second mode, parasympathetic, brings three main actions: REST-RESTORE-REPAIR. These are roots of desired effects one seeks: HEALTH-HAPPINESS-HOLINESS. Since I have spent all my life in seeking and practicing many techniques to reach deeper relaxation state I would love to share them as they positively work and heal my life too. MEDITATION-BREATH-SOUND-ENERGY-YOGA is my favorite frequency and I would be more than happy to MEET-TREAT-TEACH you all I know in this field. - Dr. Ingrid Fikr

Signature Service – Massage with Meditation

Come and enjoy a unique combination of the therapeutic massage with meditation. My voice guides you gently into deeper relaxation levels during all session where innate curative abilities of your body can meet with my healing powers. First I welcome you to set up the intentions of the session in the beginning. After we focus on your exhales as you let go, you release, all the tension, pain and discomfort from your body, mind and spirit. And we imprint the image of brining the fresh, healing and loving energy with every of your inhales into your core as the last fundamental step of this signature treatment.


"I have benefited immensley from Ingrid's approach to healing through yoga. Her seemingly simple observation of my lack of body/self awareness brought great insight and healing to me. I am grateful for her caring nature and knowledge of yoga and mediation and appreciate what an excellent teacher she is of both." - Jody I.
  • I would love to share my personal story about a great importance of regular and appropriate meditation for healthy, happy and wealthy life. I was very sick kid born at greatly polluted place in Europe. My parents, especially my father, were so desperate to find any help for [...]
  • The typical question of my clients goes like this: “Ingrid, I don’t know what is wrong. Why can’t I feel better? I do everything I can – I eat organic and balanced diet; I take supplements and herbs; I am at gym tree times per week; I see chiropractor, massage therapist and [...]
  • I believe that the cutting edge of all types of medicine which are used today is Energy Medicine. Humans are more than muscles, bones, thoughts or emotions. Ask yourself a simple question: “What does connect all the parts together?” I would put a skilled bet on Energy [...]


Doctor of Chinese Medicine (DTCM, CCTCMA, Acupuncture, Herbs) Registered Massage Therapist (RMT, CCTCMA, 2200 hrs) - Yoga Therapist (RYT, The Yoga Studio College of Canada) - Certified Meditation Teacher (UHTCI – Tao with Mantak Chia and William U. Wei, Jose Silva) - Certified Hypnotherapist (Dick Sutphen, Kelly Howell) - Registered Sound Healer (Jonathan Goldman, John Beaulieu, Thomas Ashley-Farrand) - Certified Reiki Master and Teacher (Usui, Karuna) - Certified Angel Card Reader (Doreen Virtue, Radleigh Valentine) - Aromatherapist (West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy) - Craniosacral Therapist (Upledger Institute) - Tuina and Cupping Therapist (CCTCMA)