If you truly want to improve and sustain your health you have to learn how to get in a deep relaxation state. Human body works basically in two modes: fight-flight (stress) or rest-digest (healing). If you are stress out it does't matter what a healing technique you use - it does't work till you shift your brain into alpha and theta waves of deeper relaxation. - Dr. Ingrid Fikr
  • Here is my personal story about the magnitude of regular and appropriate meditation for good health and happy life. Please read carefully as it clarifies the most key element of healing. I was very sick kid born at very polluted place in Europe. My [...]
  • The typical story of my clients goes like this: “Ingrid, I don’t know what is wrong. Why can’t I feel better? I do everything I can – I eat organic and balanced diet; I take supplements and herbs; I am at gym tree times per week; I see chiropractor, massage [...]
  • I believe that the cutting edge of all types of medicine which are used today is Energy Medicine. Humans are more than muscles, bones, thoughts or emotions. Ask yourself a simple question: “What does connect all the parts together?” I would put [...]